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The Dragons


The name 'Anstarra' derives from an epic poem (shown at right), passed down through oral tradition.

Some scholars believe it to apocryphal.

Chapter One: The Beginning

In the beginning there were only The Dragons
To hold dominion over The Land, The Seas and The Skies.
Over the plants and animals, water and clouds.
To shape the landscape with their claws
And wage battle for pride and territory.

The Dragon Wars lasted for centuries with no end.
The Red Dragons controlled the woodlands and prairies,
The Black Dragons the cliffs and caverns.
Their arcane power melted stone and carved scars in the earth.
The Dragons' magic boiled rivers and crushed boulders into sand.

After five hundred years the Red Dragons had almost won.
Only a dozen black dragons remained.
With charred nests and constant warfare there was
No hope to rebuild their numbers from a handful of eggs.
They needed a force that could rise up and spread like raindrops.

Chapter Two: The Birth of Man and Woman

The greatest Black Dragons hid away in a cave
Tucked in a cliff near the Great Southern Ocean.
They brought animals from all the corners of the world.
The cunning of the weasel, the eye of the eagle
The teamwork of the wolf, the fecundity of the rabbit

These new creations, man and woman,
Would serve the Black Dragons without question.
Forged from dragonflesh and yoked by dragonmagic.
Ten generations could grow and fight in the same years
For which just one Black Dragon to reach maturity.

The humans grew and spread to every habitat.
They cleared forests, tamed livestock and fashioned tools.
They forged weapons and waged battle against the Red Dragons.
The Red Dragons were not overwhelmed by size and strength.
They were hunted to nothingness by the plague of persistence.

Chapter Three: The Last Dragons

The Black Dragons continued to enslave men and women for centuries.
One day a first son was born under the hunter's moon.
His name was Anson. He could think and do as he wished,
Immune to the mind magicks of the Black Dragons.
Anson lived his life as a blacksmith, never revealing his gift.

On the same day at the other end of the earth,
A daughter, Tarryn, was born. Like Anson
She was born with a mind freed from the commands of Dragons.
But she also possessed another gift,
The ability to seek out similar minds among humanity.

Tarryn gathered all men and women with free minds
They travelled all the lands until they found Anson.
He had a fashioned a sword, Dragvendil, by his own hands.
With this weapon, they hunted the Dragons.
As each Dragon was slain, those it controlled were set free.

Chapter Four: The Wars Of Men

As the memory of the last Dragons faded,
War came to the world of men, as it had to the Dragons.
As the Dragons had created man to fight their wars.
So did man create the evil Korrigan.
As all creations do, the Korrigan too escaped their yoke.

As the Korrigan spread, men and women were forced from their homes.
As they fled, they hid their most valuable possessions,
In tree stumps and stone walls, under buildings and bridges.
The Korrigan were fierce, but also crude and oblivious.
Our treasures would be safe until we could return.


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